Computer News - In Brief


- Local Senegalese ICT website, Cipago reported that the European Union has launched the EuroAfrica ICT programme to foster the development of communications and IT project between Europe and Africa. In Africa the project will be managed by West Africa PANOS and the Meraka Institute in South Africa.

- At a meeting in Gaborone, Botswana earlier this month, the Telemedicine Task Force reviewed ICT for health in the region. Three pilot projects were proposed under the eHealth initiative, part of a European Union strategy to enhance interconnectivity in Africa through ICT. They cover continuing professional education via satellite to health workers in selected remote areas, establishing  electronic communications between healthcare facilities in isolated areas with a high burden of diseases and promoting ICT for health in East Africa.

- An African sub-regional forum on `best practice sharing` in the use of the New Information and Communication Technologies (NICTs) for development will convene on 7-9 June in Ouagadougou in Burkina-Faso. The forum is a follow up to the Microsoft leaders` forum held last July in South Africa, which was attended by many African heads of state and cabinet ministers.

- Lagos State Government has endorsed the use of the electronic white board in both the public and private schools in the state. The white board, a large, touch -sensitive device connected to a digital projector and a computer will provide opportunities for students to participate effectively in class.

- The  Global Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF) has launched the “Digital Solidarity Pact” through a “1% digital solidarity” contribution. At the  2nd DSF Foundation Board meeting, the new digital solidarity label, a symbol that represents an information society governed by principles of solidarity, was awarded to eight recipients.