Forbes and MTN introduce a digital video network ‘Forbes8’ in Nigeria

13 March 2020

Digital Content

Forbes and MTN have launched ‘Forbes8’, a digital video network that offers more than 3,500 videos designed to influence every facet of an entrepreneur’s journey.


By collaborating with MTN in Nigeria, Forbes8 is mainly supporting businesses of all sizes (and consumers working on their side hustles) with entrepreneurial activities.


Forbes8 provides information, tips, advice and tools to assist entrepreneurs to start and accelerate their growth. Furthermore, Forbes8 provides video spotlighting the best minds in business – all categorized into four distinct themes: Inspire, Launch, Grow and Impact. Intelligent machine-learning/artificial intelligence capabilities deliver a personalized experience at scale, creating custom playlists based on an individual’s on-boarding needs and preferences.


The Chief Digital Officer of MTN Nigeria, Srinivas Rao, said, “MTN has always been active in supporting entrepreneurs and this partnership is another proof that we are not relenting in our efforts. We are aware of the constant need for entrepreneurs to innovate, which is easier when the right information is made available. This we put in mind when creating our products. Our products support small and large businesses, hence the videos on the platform are educative for all entrepreneurs.”


On the other hand, the Chief Growth Officer of Forbes, Tom Davis, commented, ‘’Africa has some of the world’s fastest growing economies, and Nigeria’s vast population of 200 million people are primed for business growth. Forbes champions those who have made it and those who aspire to make it, and we’re keenly focused on the entrepreneurial journey across Nigeria. Nigeria has a very entrepreneurial culture, with many obstacles to turn into opportunities. We’ve found a tremendous need for a business-advice on-demand network. Forbes8 fills that void while also providing a sense of community with others on the same journey.”


Forbes8 is an international collaboration between Forbes and AW3 Media, whose founder, Amos Winbush III, created technology synchronization services which culminated in dozens of partnerships with global telecom companies.


Amos Winbush III concluded by saying, “MTN is a strategic partner for Forbes8 because they share our mission of helping promote entrepreneurial growth across the region. As we enter the roaring 2020s, a new decade of hope, individuals have more control over their future. Forbes8 supports every aspect of an entrepreneur’s journey. I’ve created a number of companies myself, and I wish I had access to this content so I could learn from others in real time – it’s truly inspirational and invaluable.”

Source: NexTVAfrica