YouTube Launches Online Music Streaming Service In Nigeria

13 March 2020

Digital Content

YouTube has announced that it rolled out YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in Nigeria earlier this week. The service, which also offers a premium version of YouTube, was previously only available in one African country, South Africa, before this week.

The objective of YouTube Premium is to deliver an ad-free experience to users, while at the same time opening up an improved user experience by allowing users to carry on playing a YouTube video after the app is closed and even when that phone is locked. The service allows offline streaming through downloads of all the videos on YouTube.

There is also the benefit of YouTube original shows, which is an impressive collection of series that is produced by YouTube exploring various subject matters for both entertainment and educational information.

Alongside YouTube Premium, the company also introduced the availability of YouTube Music in Nigeria. This version of YouTube will open up a new experience to the music lovers who use the platform. YouTube Music has a set of additional features such as custom music recommendations, seamless transitions between songs and offline downloads.

YouTube said that YouTube Premium would cost $2.99 and $4.61 for a family plan. While YouTube music will be free of charge with limited features, full access to YouTube Music Premium will cost $2.44 and $3.80 for the family plan.

However, subscribers to the YouTube Premium plan will get full access to YouTube Music as well.

According to media reports, YouTube might soon be launching the new services in Kenya next.

Source: Gadgets Africa