Kenya: Airtel Kenya Waives Mobile Money Transaction Fees Across All Bands

20 March 2020

Money Transfer

Airtel Kenya has waived the transaction fees across all bands on its mobile money service.

The telco announced Monday that starting Tuesday, all person to person money transfer will be free for the next 90 days as the country works to combat the potential spread of coronavirus.

The company has also increased the transaction limits and the amounts individuals can hold in their mobile wallets.

Airtel has increased the daily transaction limit from Ksh70,000 ($700) to Ksh150,000 ($1500) while the daily limit for mobile money transactions is up to Ksh300,000 ($300) from Ksh140,000 ($1,400).

The limit subscribers can hold in their wallet has also increased to Ksh300,000 ($300) from Ksh140,000 ($1,400).

Transaction charges for transfers from mobile wallet to bank accounts have been waived.

Kenya's telco giant Safaricom on Monday announced a waiver to all transactions below Ksh1,000 ($10).

They also increased transaction limits and amounts that can be held by subscribers.

Kenya has so far reported three cases of Covid-19 since Friday with 27 people placed under isolation as the government steps up efforts to curb spread of the virus.

The government has also banned the entry of travellers from coronavirus-hit countries, closed schools indefinitely and encouraged work from home.

Source: The East African