How Telviva One is positioning businesses for post-lockdown longevity

22 May 2020


As embattled South African businesses look towards a radically altered future, Cloud-based business telecoms specialist Telviva is ensuring that companies will be equipped with the right tools to thrive in the post-lockdown environment. Targeted enhancements to Telviva One, a web-based softphone application that enables users to make and receive calls from their web browsers, mean that businesses can now remain in touch with customers and support employee productivity. Most importantly, the Cloud-based nature of Telviva One gives customers the agility that is proving to be a critical lifeline during the Covid-19 crisis.

“Telviva One essentially turns your web browser into your office phone in an instant,” explains Steve Davies, Chief Technology Officer, Telviva. “We’re now going even further to create a feature rich, easy and seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Telviva One is a solution for leaders who recognise the importance of customers being able to have quality conversations with the business across multiple channels at any time.”

In addition to enabling call recording, conference calls and call transfers, Telviva One fully integrates with various address books, Google contacts and Telviva shared contacts. Although the enhancements to Telviva One were being undertaken before the health crisis, Telviva accelerated the process to be able to give remote working teams the capabilities they required to provide great customer service throughout the extended lockdown. According to Davies, more than 3000 users are making regular use of Telviva One. Notably, more than a million minutes of usage were recorded during April alone.

By actively garnering customer feedback throughout, Telviva increased its development velocity four times over – with positive outcomes for many stakeholders.

While the business ecosystem undergoes structural changes that will create clear winners and losers in the post-lockdown economy, Telviva One will provide a robust foundation to continue innovating and adding new, critical features for Cloud-based enterprise communications.

“Telviva One is designed to be a highly responsive platform through which we can roll out new capabilities very quickly, providing the flexibility and agility that is fast becoming a core feature of business today,” adds Davies. “This platform will ensure that both internal and external communications are maintained for businesses, no matter what the current circumstances are. This is critical in the local environment whereby external shocks like loadshedding are commonplace. As specialists in the VOIP space, we are able to give customers the specific features that enable businesses to transition to flexible working models with no service interruption,” said Davies. “This type of flexibility will be integral to business sustainability in the long term.”

Source: Press Release