Intelsat partners with Mindset Networks to extend educational access in Africa

22 May 2020


Intelsat has widened its collaboration with Mindset Network NPC to guarantee that students, teachers and healthcare professionals in Africa have access to free educational television and online content.

Intelsat is the operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, and Mindset Network NPC offers award-winning educational materials across Africa.

Intelsat has collaborated with Mindset since the nonprofit was created in 2002, offering free accessibility to satellite capacity and technology that enables Mindset to rapidly and proficiently broadcast and IP multicast its educational content to over 1,600 schools and 1,025 healthcare facilities across just South Africa.

This collaboration development arises at a time when nearly 300 million students in Africa have been impacted by school closures and other learning disturbances due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), according to UNESCO. Given the scope and scale of the imminent crisis sweeping across Africa, Mindset and Intelsat are providing a free, unencrypted channel that allows governments, departments of education, broadcasters and nongovernmental organizations across Sub-Saharan Africa within Intelsat’s satellite coverage area to downlink and redistribute Mindset’s Learn channel.

The Regional VP for Africa at Intelsat, Brian Jakins, said, “Intelsat values its long-standing partnership with Mindset Network, and we look forward to continue helping deliver Mindset’s important educational resources to students and at-risk-youth throughout Africa. With a long history of connecting people, communities and governments across the continent, Intelsat is committed to Africa’s digital transformation. Intelsat exists to connect people, so they can realize their true human potential, and partnerships like the longstanding one we have with Mindset are illustrative of how we do just that.”

On the other hand, the CEO of Mindset Network, Dylan Green, declared, “We are incredibly grateful to Intelsat for helping us in our mission, and we are getting closer to Nelson Mandela’s dream to ‘Make every home, every shack or rickety structure a centre of learning.”

Source: NexTVAfrica