Team Guardian Health Wins the Inaugural ayoba Hackathon

22 May 2020

Digital Content

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Ayoba (, together with the UCTGSB Solution Space and Geekulcha, hosted a virtual hackathon on 3 - 6 April for South African developers. The event introduced ayoba as a platform for developers.


Over the Hackathon period, start-ups were given preview access to a developer sandbox environment. The teams were supported by a range of experienced coaches providing tech, UI/UX and business support.


The teams were set a challenge to make the most creative use of the ayoba platform to build services and solutions that meet the daily needs of African consumers and businesses.


The hackathon evolved into a virtual event after it became clear that the COVID-19 lockdown would prevent developers from meeting in person.


“From the start, Ayoba’s vision has been to provide a localised experience, supported by services that are relevant to local users. The app platform that we’re launching represents a huge opportunity for local talent to develop applications that reflect local cultures and local values, and that address local challenges, while benefiting the broader Ayoba community”, says Nolan Wolff, Head of Ayoba.


“The launch of our application platform is just one small piece of our overall strategy. Over the coming months, we will be launching a range of functionalities that enable users to communicate, transact, share content, be entertained, and generally be part of an online community, on a single platform, created by Africans for Africans.”


38 teams took part in the Ayoba Virtual Hackathon. They delivered a range of Microapps that leverage ayoba core functionality and could be made available to the ayoba community of over 2 million monthly active users across Africa.

Source: All Africa