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A new website, formed to assist white people in business to ‘take action to survive economically’, was recently launched. The White Economic Forum ( http://www.blankeekonomieseforum.org/Englishindex.html ), a website for white business owners to meet, is a new entrant in the SA social networking arena. According to the website, the forum is a meeting place where white business owners can gather and through unity create economic pressure and negotiation power for a better future for whites.

“There is discrimination on a big scale against White South Africans, in legislation, appointments and economic opportunities. Whites will only survive if they stand together and use economic strength to uplift themselves and to negotiate change by way of financial strength,” stated the White Economic Forum website.

The idea to start a forum of this nature was in reaction to what founding member, Dr. Willem Pienaar calls, “the exclusion of white South-Africans from the economic world as reflected in the Employment Equity and the Black Economic Empowerment acts.“

“Effectively it means that whites will take action to survive economically, independent of any discriminating laws or efforts to exclude them from economic participation,’ said Pienaar.

Pienaar is quick to add that this forum does not in any way encourage aggressive or military behaviour, the group does not subscribe to any particular culture, political grouping or religion. He also added that this group does not plan to break any laws but will work within South Africa’s legislative framework.

The forum charter states that this is a peaceful forum where ‘aggressive and degrading behaviour towards fellow South Africans’ is not endorsed.

According to the website the members are: “The whites in South Africa. This includes all whites irrespective of language or heritage. Like Sotho’s, Zulus, Xhosas etc. grouped together are “black” people. So also are Afrikaans, English, Scottish, Greek, Portuguese, German, Jewish and other ‘white people’ grouped together.”

According to .org records the website address was registered by ‘Lukas du Preez’ from Eldopark in Gauteng. The forum started on the 17th of September 2006 and an invitation was sent out to the public in Die Rapport to join. Pienaar said that the response to this initiative looks promising and that their membership grows by around 80 people a day.

“Currently we send mail to approximately 2000 people and our website is visited by approximately 300 people per day. Responses from the public indicate that approximately 30 000 people read the newsletters that are released weekly. Numbers are growing by approximately 80 people per day,” said Pienaar.