Tunisie Telecom has announced that it has recently successfully tested an experimental Wimax network in the northern Tunis suburbs. The move shows that Tunisia 's largest telephone operator with some 5 million users, is standing fast on its commitment to deliver an additional 200,000 ADSL connections by 2007.

Considering the fact that only two weeks were required to set up the experimental network, it is expected that this technology can be set up fairly rapidly throughout Tunisia , and particularly in areas where it represents an alternative to ADSL if the latter is not available.

In the words of Tunisie Telecom's CEO: "The introduction of Wimax marks a new step in the development of broadband internet in Tunisia . It allows us to respond to the increasing demand for it, within a few weeks only."

Tunisie Telecom which was partially privatized a few months ago when Dubai Tecom, bought up 35% of the company, is undergoing a major structural adjustment to adapt it to the demand of a growing competition by Tunisia 's second private mobile phone operator "Tunisiana".

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