Digital Content

The Department of Health in the Eastern Cape has launched a new innovative website to provide members of the public with easy access to government programmes and services. The website will facilitate interactive, two-way communication and feedback within the department and with communities.

According to MEC Nomsa Jajula, the website will provide opportunities to reach and connect with people in all areas in the province. "Information is power; those without it have no power to have access and to benefit from government services," she said.

The launch of this website was to ensure that ordinary people had easy access to government services. "The department has done well in meeting the expectations of the Batho Pele principle of making information easily available," MEC Jajula said.

She said the launch of the website was a clear indication that the government was willing to empower people with information so that they would know how and where government services were offered.

The website was launched at the time when there was a growing demand by people to have access to electronic government information. "We are trying to ensure that the government decentralises its services so that ordinary people can have easy access to those services," she added. Ms Jajula said initially the website concentrated on delivering information and content about the department and community services.

"We want to shift its emphasis so that it is more about delivering public services online, rather than simply delivering public information online. Some of the things that the public will find interesting on the website are forms, reports, news, departmental vacancies, calendar of events and information about diseases.

The website features clear navigation, more focused content and a cleaner user interface for enhanced usability. The enhanced search capabilities will allow users to search health statistics and other information on the site. It further links with the national ministry, provincial departments and other stakeholders in the health field. It can be accessed on www.ecdoh.gov.za