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Kineto Mobile offers mobile commerce solutions, enabling transactional functionality of business through the use of mobile technology. Kineto Mobile Pre-paid is one of our new products focused on bringing mobile Pre-paid & Virtual Top Up (VTU) into the mobile market through the selling of pre-paid products via cell phones and Point of Sale (POS) devices.

Kineto Mobile Pre-paid functions within a Franchisee environment, whereby Franchisee’s grow their down line infrastructure to obtain maximum market penetration within their targeted demographic areas. The strength of the down line will be determined by the number of points of service in their targeted areas, as well as the amount of products vended through the positioning of these. Kineto Mobile Pre-paid is designed to make the selling and purchasing of pre-paid products an easier & quicker process for both the Vendor and the client. Kineto Mobile has developed a software application that runs on a cell phone, assisting vendors through easy-to-use menus in requesting the transfer of specific product (for example airtime). The product will be transferred from the vendors’ Kineto account, to the customer who initially purchased the product. This is all within a secure environment with authentication & encryption protocols in place to ensure a low risk trading experience.

Our software allows for the incorporation of multiple products sold via cell phones, and can function as a multi-tier revenue earning system perfect for a Franchisee environment. Additional products can be added to the existing products range of the Cellular Service Providers MTN, Vodacom & Cell C. Products like Pre-paid Electricity, Water & Telephone are able to be incorporated in the point of service, allowing for extra revenue generating opportunities via an existing compatible cell phone. The Multi-tier revenue earning architecture assists Franchisees to allocate a percentage revenue return per product sold for Vendors & Sub Vendors selling these products on their behalf. This enables an individual/business/ministry to develop a network of Vendors & Sub Vendors, which would bring in a passive revenue with minimum administrative effort. An online portal for Franchisees to access relevant Management Information is also available to assist them in the effective management of their businesses.

The design of Kineto Mobile Pre-paid business model is on a low operating cost basis which is able to sustain a viable revenue source at a Sub Vendor level. With this in mind, Kineto Mobile is looking for viable role players to enable job creation opportunities through minimum capital input costs & low operational costs. Examples of implementation include additional revenue opportunities for existing viable businesses like Cell phone shops/containers, hawkers/vendors, Spaza Shops, Cafés, as well as the transport industry (Taxi, Bus & Rail),Tourism and Education Sector (Schools, Technikons & Universities ). Hereby an additional revenue stream is created with minimum additional implementation & operational costs. Kineto Mobile sees this also as a Social Development tool, whereby unemployed persons have access to a lucrative selling market able to sustain a viable personal income for individuals & families. The focus is taking Kineto Mobile Prepaid into the areas where Pre-paid is mostly consumed, making it easier accessible for those needing it, and thereby bringing with it revenue opportunities to local vendors within these communities, which would have positive economic spin off for the community as a whole. As an example, a Vendor in Cape Town could sell an MTN product to a customer, whose relative’s cell phone is hundreds of kilometers away in Tswane, with the pre-paid account being directly topped up within seconds of the requested transaction. No vouchers or PIN numbers being required to be punched in, but effortless & secure top up of the account within seconds.