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Sentech has announced that it will be the signal distributor for CNBC Africa, the first international business news channel in Africa, which will begin broadcasting from Sandton in Johannesburg in May next year.

CNBC announced the launch of its Gauteng presence at a joint press conference with CNBC Africa chairman, Zafar Siddiqi, and the Premier of Gauteng, Mbhazima Shilowa. CNBC Africa is owned and operated by African Business News, under a licensing and affiliation agreement with CNBC.

“Sentech welcomes CNBC to the Vivid Platform, Sentech’s direct to home satellite platform, and we look forward to a prosperous future and solid working relationship built on a variety of synergies and a deep understanding of the African continent,” says Marinda Abrahamse, Sentech product manager, signal distribution, unregulated.

Shilowa says: “CNBC Africa’s entry into the region is a watershed event that highlights the importance of South Africa, particularly Gauteng, its economic hub, on the global economic stage. CNBC will provide valuable economic information that will help SA to build an image of economic prosperity.”

“We believe that the launch of CNBC Africa will be a milestone in African television broadcasting and fill a gap in the information needs of audiences. By focusing on the financial, business and economic news of the region, our aim is to provide a platform for an ongoing inter-Africa discussion on globalisation, employment, career, business and investment opportunities, living standards, infrastructure development and other relevant issues,” Siddiqi says.

Abrahamse adds: “The potential for reach into Africa is massive, with PAS-10 covering the entire sub-Saharan region and providing access to anyone with a signal.

“We strongly support CNBC in its efforts to bring quality broadcast news content to the region and will do our utmost to ensure that its experience is a success,” Abrahamse adds.

CNBC’s programming schedule is in the process of being finalised, and will be announced during the lead up to the launch in May next year.

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