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Locals who were hoping for a cheaper pay- TV channel should not expect any good news anytime soon. Black Entertainment Satellite Television (BEStv) under Black Earth Communications (BEC), which had promised to provide a number of channels at a cheaper rate than Multi Choice or DSTv , it appears will not be operating in Botswana.

At the beginning of the year they raised the hopes of many Batswana but now BEC Chief Executive Officer Andrew Jones says we have been misled by the financial institution analyst. We want to serve the people but so far all doors we were looking at for assistance have been slammed in our faces.

Also he said Botswanas small market is not conducive for pay-TV to operate. He said unlike the South African market, which is bigger, the expenses to set up operations in Botswana are very high.

However it is not only in Botswana where we have encountered market problems. We have experienced that in most African cities. While the market proves viable the small population makes it difficult for us to venture into business.

However in a previous interview, Mr Jones had promised that the station would go on air before the end of year despite the challenges in the form of content, licensing, bandwidth, encryption technology, access to decoders and a huge monopoly.

The company promised to challenge the monopoly enjoyed by DSTv by offering several channels at a cost of less than P100 a month.  To get a DStv full programme subscribers have to part with over P300 a month.