With the passing of the Telecommunication Act by Parliament and signed into law by President Kabbah, the management of Sierratel has employed the services of California based IDENTITEL to stop illegal calls or illegal by-pass traffic coming into Sierra Leone using a technology called Channel Bank or GMS gateway/PBX gateway.

Last year, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Sierratel lost about 47% of revenue due to this illegal traffic commonly called 'grey area traffic.' This together with the gateway right given prompted management to seek the expertise of the Americans.

Identitel will be working together with their West African representatives, Traustech international, to complete the setting-up stage. A member of Identitel Inc jetted into Freetown recently to sign a contract on the execution at this exercise.

According to a top management at Sierratel, the Parastatal is putting modalities in place for a heavy fine should any company or individual is caught bringing in such calls. The voice Intrusion Detection System (VIDS) is capable of detecting illegal routing within 48 hours or so after setting-up.

Concord Times