Vodacom Ventures, a subsidiary of the Vodacom Group, has signed a deal with G-Mobile Holdings - the holding company of WirelessG, a local provider of global broadband Internet access. This is the second wireless acquisition by the mobile provider, its first being its recent purchase of a stake in iBurst.

This deal, which will effectively gives Vodacom a 26% stake in G-Mobile Holdings, is structured into two separate transactions – 10% of which is effective immediately and the remaining 16% to follow shortly.

WirelessG develops and deploys technologies and business models which facilitate fixed mobile convergence solutions. With its skills in the broadband wireless technology arena and capabilities to drive these services through an integrated wholesale model, WirelessG aims to offer integrated WiFi broadband services that are bundled with other connectivity services.

Vodacom sees WiFi as an ideal complement to its 3G HSDPA mobile broadband services as it aims to provide an alternative means of connectivity. The seamless access to different network services offered through WirelessG is intended to enable greater flexibility for Vodacom customers and maintain high levels of service performance. 

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