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Dubai based Internet Protocol Television, JumpTV, has established its Africa offices in Uganda.Jump TV, which delivers programmes to households through broadband connection, will enable Ugandans living in the Diaspora subscribe to both local TV and FM radio stations of their choice.

"This is part of our effort in reaching out to institutions and to share with them our vision and mission," said Douglas Ames, the General Manager for Africa and the Caribbean at the launch of the TV. Establishing a regional office will enable Ugandans communicate and participate in the development of their country.

Jump TV currently has over 200 channels from 65 countries including in Africa Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and WBS, StarTV in Tanzania, Rwanda TV, KBC channel 1 and Family TV, and Ethiopia TV among others.

Subscribers pay $9.95 (Shs17, 950) per programme but affiliated stations deliver services at no cost. Subscribers who want to watch up to seven programmes pay $14.95 (Shs26, 910). Subscribers view channels on JumpTV via Internet.

The Monitor