Datapro has decided to tap into the mobile broadband market and will now be offering 3G/HSDPA services to its customers. Simon Butler, product manager for broadband solutions at Datapro, stated that, “this move comes as part of the company’s strategy to offer a complete range of broadband services. There exists a big demand for mobile data solutions and this offering perfectly addresses this need.”

Mobile broadband offerings have become a very popular choice amongst South Africans and providers are quickly realizing that the future growth of this market has huge potential.

One of the major reasons why mobile broadband has become so popular in SA is that the price for a fully mobile service is comparable to the fixed line DSL offerings on the market, which is not the case overseas.

Whilst the price quickly jumps for high usage customers using mobile services, for people wanting connectivity for basic online activities, like emailing and web surfing, 3G and HSDPA are good alternatives.

Butler also alluded to the fact that many South Africans are increasingly choosing to avoid Telkom due to poor customer care or poor service delivery.

He added that “while ADSL and other broadband solutions offer similar services, this solution fills the gap where these services are either not available or where customers choose to be completely independent from services offered by the incumbent.”