Many of SA's corporates are apathetic towards the environmental legacy that is being created through incorrect e-waste management.

That is according to Allan Werth, CEO of African Sky, who says failure to comply with legislative requirements surrounding the secure disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) puts companies at high risk.

  “SA’s e-waste volumes are increasing exponentially, as they have in the rest of the world,” he says. “Legislation, both internationally and in this country, holds organisations accountable for the damage they inflict on the environment, and the penalties can run into millions of rands.”

  Werth will tackle the controversial e-waste issues facing SA’s corporates at the Electronic Waste Management conference taking place at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria on November 27 and 28. In addition, Ian Watson, operations director of UK-based TES-AMM, African Sky’s international recycling partner, will discuss ways for developing countries to meet legislative requirements.

  As the only ISO 14001-certified specialist e-waste solution company in SA, African Sky says that it is well positioned to provide insight into the recycling and secure destruction of electronic waste – in SA, Africa and globally. A BEE organisation, African Sky says that it has been in operation for the past 24 months, and has all the local and international accreditation to meet the full spectrum of e-waste requirements.

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