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MTN has launched an all-in-one mail service called i-Mail (MTN Integrated Mail), a new fully integrated and flexible web based mailbox management service.

  The new i-Mail service is offered for free to all MTN contract subscribers with access to the internet. i-Mail gives subscribers the convenience of listening to, or viewing and managing Voicemail, Faxmail and Videomail online at the click of a mouse.

With i-Mail contract subscribers can also set up message notifications, message forwarding options, message playback modes, change passwords, block callers from leaving voice or video messages, enter numbers for personal assistant and fax, schedule reminder calls and configure “MessageMe” automated delivery options to any email address or MMS capable handset.

In future Enhanced Voicemail customers will also be able to record multiple greetings for different times of the day depending on if they are in meetings in the morning, at functions in the evening or taking a siesta.

By using the new i-Mail service users can personalize their Voicemail as well as “the option to receive your messages via MMS” which allows them to save time to by not having to call 100/111 all the time.

The service further allows subscribers to save messages on their laptop or PC, which is particularly handy for FaxMail users who would like to archive their faxes electronically for future reference.

All customers can now access this feature on the portal by following these steps:

Go to the MTN Portal ( )
Login with your cellphone number and pin
Select ‘MyMTN’ drop down menu
Click on ‘Communicate’ link
Click on ‘i-Mail’

According the MTN their Customer Services and Service Providers will be able to assist with any issues arising from the registration process as well as loading the product and general network issues. This is the first service of this nature in the world, and it is encouraging to see that MTN is pushing the boundaries of service integration.