Rwanda’s Terracom will soon have a new 200km link from Kigali to Kagitumba in the Northeast tip of Rwanda. According to a release issued September 4, the fiber optic cable that will span much of the Eastern Province connecting Rwamagana, Kayonza, Gatsibo, Kagitumba, and Nyagatare to Kigali and the world. Already the Terracom fiber network covers over 350km within Rwanda and the whole project is expected to cost US$3 million. "Fiber is a key part of ensuring Rwanda has a world class infrastructure" according to Greg Wyler, CEO of Terracom.

He added: 'We have a world class Rwandan fiber team and this latest heavy investment shows our continued commitment to ensuring Rwanda has the tools necessary for continued economic growth'.

He said that the fiber connection will allow for the sharing and distribution of computing and educational resources. 'For instance, a data center at one school can offer processing power to the computers at another school. By having such a high speed backbone resource sharing, distance learning and advanced computer architectures are possible' the release states in part.

According to Eastern Province Governor Theoneste Mutsindashyaka the project will enhance development and also create job opportunities in the area. "The new fiber network stretching throughout the Eastern Province will bring communications, education, video and telemedicine to our people," he said and added: "I watched Terracom provide hundreds of jobs in Kigali while I was Mayor, and look forward to the thousands of new jobs which will be created with this project. I can say from experience that the Terracom team was very professional and diligent in the way they laid fiber through the streets of Kigali."

This fibre will connect for instance Umutara Polytechnic University to other institutions of high learning (Rwednet) such as UNR, KIST, KIE and SFB. It will further be used to connect health centers, district offices and businesses along the way' the release states.

The New Times