New managers from Detecon of Germany—the technical partner in the Press Corporation Limited (PCL) led consortium that bought the privatised fixed phone operator Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL)—said on Thursday they are preparing a business plan geared at transforming MTL for the benefit of both the shareholders and customers.

MTL chief executive officer Horst Holzhaeuser told journalists in Blantyre there are a number of areas that need to be addressed in MTL’s present state to make it more efficient.For instance, Holzhaeuser said has on its pay-roll scores of security guards despite not being a security company. He also singled out the company’s big vehicle fleet as another area requiring better management.

“To achieve results there is need to make some harsh decisions. We are preparing a business plan which will be the basis for further investment in MTL to take it to greater heights. By mid next year the MTL network will be different from what it is today,” he said.

Holzhaeuser was briefing journalists during a luncheon the company organised to introduce its new management team and brief the media on the position of switching to the new telephone exchange in Blantyre.

In his remarks, Hoehne noted that there was still a pre-privatisation hangover in MTL manifested by red tape, poor billing system and a poor network roll-out plan. He said in some cases the network was rolled out in areas with less capacity at the expense of areas with huge business potential and vice-versa.Looking into the future, Hohne said during the two months the managers from Detecon have been at MTL there has been an improvement in installation capacity from the previous 15 to 20 per day to 100 in a day. This has translated into 3,000 new clients in a month, he said.He also said MTL was improving on fault clearance speed.

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