Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- Netone in Zimbabwe is set to commission its second Mobile Switching Centre in Bulawayo mid-next month among other moves the cellular services provider is embarking on to improve service delivery. The company will be commissioning its second mobile switching centre mid November and is also constructing 85 towers which are at various stages of completion in different parts of the country," the sources said.

- i2, a mobile provider in Africa and the Middle East (distributor on Nokia) announced the launch of its operations in Sudan. i2 introduces its retail concept and after sales services for the first time in the country. “Africa is an important market for i2. It is our goal to make sure that Africa’s growing market is provided with the best products and services available. Therefore we are planning to continue making substantial investments into Sudan and other countries across the continent” stated Bashar AlKadhi, VP Africa - i2 Group.

- The Senegalese newspaper, le Matin, has reported disruptions on the telephone network this week. Customers have experienced difficulties to get their calls through to Dakar while others reported that they got connected to voicemail only. The newspaper seems to dismiss the fact that these network congestion problems were linked to the Korité celebrations despite previous problems with network overload during celebrations.

- Contacts Malawi has embarked on a project to compile a directory for all telephone numbers from service providers like Celtel Malawi Limited, Telekom Networks Malawi and Malawi Telecommunications Limited ). The compilation is also expected to include e-mail addresses, fax numbers and physical locations of businesses in the country.