Camtel announced that a range of fibre links will soon connect major cities in the country. The 12 optical fibres to be installed by government through the Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation along the Chad-Cameroon pipeline will soon be completed, Blaise Lentchou Kouayeb, Director of the National Network and Infrastructure, said.

The Camtel official told Cameroon Tribune, in his Yaounde office, that work on this ambitious project is well advanced. "It is our hope that by November this year, installations on the Douala-Yaounde main axes will be completed", he said. Lentchou Kouayeb underscored the task awaiting his department; that of equipping all the 14 outlets of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline. "The Optical fibre will equally thread through from Douala-Edea-Kribi- Lolodolf-Ngoumou to Nzamengoue and from Nzamengoue to Nkolbisson", he said. To demonstrate the milestone covered on the project, he cited the construction and equippment of the station in Kribi which is already being used by the CT Phone. In the same vein, Ngoumou-Mbankomo-Nzamengoue will soon be installed while five to ten kilometres of optical fibre line has already been built at Obala-Nkoteng and Nanga Eboko to link the areas to Yaounde.

According to Kouayeb, the Optical Fibre Communication System has far reaching social impact. "We have been employing the services of villagers to dig the treches in which the fibre is buried. This is our own contribution in the fight against poverty", he said.

Cameroon Tribune