Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- Glo, the mobile arm of the second national operator, Globacom, introduced what it claims is the lowest pricing in the market while also making it possible for subscribers to make free calls from midnight to 5a.m.Glo also introduced two new products, Glo Classic Plus and Glo Easy Talk, which carry the new price baskets, and reduced international call rate from 90k to 65k per second.

- Namibia’s second mobile phone operator, PowerCom, has unveiled its corporate brand with the logo and slogan.: 'One Cell. My network, my choice'. PowerCom, which was recently granted a licence by the Namibian Communications Commission (NCC), will become competition for the country's current sole cellphone operator, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC).

- Liberia mobile operator LiberCell will shortly provide a GPRS service to subscribers. This service, it said, would enable subscribers to access wireless internet via the telephone or computer anywhere and at anytime including offices, homes, in the street, on the highways, or at any program or game.