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An industry forum working to improve the take-up of Internet services on mobile devices has opened its membership to any company in the sector. The dotMobi advisory group is inviting organisations to join to help ensure the .mobi internet address is operated in the best interests of the mobile community.

The .mobi domain helps consumers to find internet content and services designed to be user-friendly on a mobile device. It also helps industry stakeholders to share ideas for improving the mobile internet experience.

"We want an active membership made up of thought leaders and people who have a stake in delivering to the needs of over 2,5-billion mobile subscribers worldwide," said Michael O'Farrell, who chairs the advisory group. By working closely with .mobi, the group's members could influence the policies, technology innovations and commercialisation efforts to help drive a fair and profitable mobile internet economy, he said.

The domain is run by dotMobi, a company with investors including Ericsson, the GSM Association, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Through the advisory group, dotMobi can keep in touch with trends and understand the needs of mobile internet users.

The group will hold its first online discussion on the issue of pay-per-click sites tomorrow. Registration for the event is free via

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