Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- The Zanzibar based-mobile phone company Zantel has substantially reduced its international tariffs by 68%. The international calls will now fall to as low as Tanzania shillings 320 (US$ 0.32) per minute to the most commonly called destinations such as Germany, France, Italy, India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and Norway.

- The Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited, TTCL has launched Mobile and Broadband products and has also announced the opening of a new customer's service centre for Arusha.

- Vodacom extends coverage in Cape with the launch of five base stations on the N7 route in the area of Springbok, the administrative capital of Namaqualand, thereby effectively bringing mobile communication to 15,000 community members, covering 90km of road. At the same time the company has announced the launch of a once-off voucher which allows prepaid subscribers to enjoy postpaid contact rates for a year.

- MTC Namibia is dropping fees applicable to contract customers with effect from 1 August 2006. The specific fees affected are: Sim card replacements drop to N$30.00 (VAT exclusive) – an effective 34.5% reduction from the previous N$87.00 ; Upgrades from one Connect package to another will now be free – translating into a 100% reduction from the previous N$50.00. It should be noted that only “up-migrations” are free and that there will still be a fee attached to “down migrations”.

- Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC) continues to register a decline in fixed line telephone subscribers. The subscriber base stands at 133,370 at the end of 2005.

- Vodacom Tanzania has improved network capacity and coverage in some areas in Zanzibar including Stone Town and the inland areas with the launch of ten new sites. It mentioned the ten new sites as Bububu, Mahonda, Fuoni, Kizamkazi, Lumumba, Chwaka, Jambiani, Chukwani, Mkwajuni and Blue Bay.