Telecoms News - In Brief


- ICASA has cleared the way for 10-digit phone dialling. South African customers will need to dial 10-digit numbers even for local calls from October 16 when dialling changes are introduced. Callers will also need to dial "00" to connect to other countries, as the "09" code is being phased out to bring South Africa in line with international practices.

- Vodacom is to change the way it counts subscribers in South Africa. The new method could result in as many as 3.5m SIM cards being deleted by the end of the year. Vodacom will count the retrieval of a voice message by a customer – not the call forwarded to voicemail – as a revenue-generating activity from now on. The effect on revenue will be “immaterial” and the move will provide a more accurate reflection of active users on the network. The average revenue per user (Arpu) number will be boosted as a result.