A universal website;, has ranked the Rwandan domain ‘’ 28,827th worldwide, receiving an estimated 301,974 viewers per day. MSN.COM and scooped the number one and two positions respectively.

According to the website, the statistics are determined by surfers’ activities on the net. The website calculates the online popularity of the most visited websites and provides these results free to the World Wide Web. also tracks over 215,000 ‘net surfers with its ‘market research software’ as they visit various websites during the previous month.

However, “Personally identifiable information is not collected, only generic information on the sites they are visiting is gathered with the exception of secure sites such as online banking or financial institutions,” the website states in part. “The report is based on what is popular among web users and not through any artificial means,” the web says.

According to a mini-study conducted by this reporter, it is difficult to know the number of websites in Rwanda and the whole world today.

Google and Yahoo search indicate that hundreds of websites are added every minute and others die every minute thus making it difficult to tell the number of websites in existence daily.

The New Times webmaster Kainamura Issa Jr. says that the traffic on The New Times website is 20GB. “We receive about 1000 to 2000 visitors daily. Majority of the visitors on The New Times web are from Diaspora. “Many visitors are from Europe and USA and even as far as Kuwait,” Kainamura revealed. The international website tracks down the number of visitors on a particular web and then provides the report.

The New Times website was developed in March 2004 and is the only daily Rwanda English news paper. The number of “visit sessions” per million as indicated by is a measurement of the total number of 20-minute sessions from Browser Accelerator, Toolbar users to a particular site in the last 12 months.

The web report says, “If for example has 196,000 visit sessions per million and you took a random sample of one million internet users, on average you would find that 196,000 20-minute visit sessions were performed.”

The New Times