* Aimable Mpore recently announced his departure from Uganda telecom. He is said to be heading west to work for MTN in Cote d'Ivoire.

* The Ghanaian Chronicle reports that the Managing Director of Scancom Ghana, Mr. Ahmed Farrouk, left the country unceremoniously this week and later sent a text message to his colleagues in Ghana, to announce the Chief Financial Officer, Mr Zeiyad as his successor.

* Mincom, a enterprise applications company, has announced the appointment of two key account managers - Noel Roach and Graham Shackle. These appointments are said to be as a result of the company's strong growth and revenue targets planned for its African expansion.

* According to IT Mag in Algeria, Ahmed Gaceb will temporarely replace Mr Hahad at the head of the telecommunications regulation agency (ARPT). The magazine further questions the reasons behind this re-shuffling at the top and asked if the departure « is a resignation or a dismissal or if it has something to due with the litigation case between Lacom and Algerie Telecom ».