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The Mozambican Ministry of Industry and Trade launched in Maputo on Wednesday its Internet portal for the "Single Counters" (BAU) as a means to introduce new models of providing services to the public, in which information technologies play a fundamental role.

BAUs were set up in all provincial capitals as places where citizens and businesses could collect all the information and documents they needed for licenses or authorisations without having to visit a string of different offices scattered over a wide area.

Industry and Trade Minister Antonio Fernando said that "the virtual BAU" is an even more advanced model than the physical one, because besides providing information and services, it also allows the sharing of documents between workers in the various provincial BAUs and the institutions represented there, thus optimizing the entire process of service provision.

Fernando stressed that with this portal, the Ministry is introducing a new model centered on the citizen in the public sector, which will reduce costs and waiting time, and increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the relationship between the society and the public sector.

"Both physical and virtual BAUs will only serve the public better when administrative divisions are completely scrapped", said Fernando.

He justified the introduction of this portal saying "it was found to be difficult to start a business in Mozambique because of a shortage of information, which forces the applicants to go to the ministries".

"This site is a good tool to facilitate access to information to those who want to start a business", he said.

The objective of the portal is to facilitate the process of issuing licenses and registering both national and foreign businesses. Unlike physical premises, the Internet portal is available 24 hours a day.

The site will also provide information on the existing physical Single Counters, on Mozambican tax law, and on procedures for hiring both national and foreign workers. Through the portal all the documents and forms required for applying for licenses are also available.

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