Computer News - In Brief


- The world’s first ever free talking computer software, ‘Thunder’, is being launched this week to bring computers and the internet alive for blind and partially-sighted people across the world. The Thunder screenreader turns a normal PC into a talking computer by reading out loud what’s on screen. It will enable blind and partially-sighted people to listen to internet sites, shop online, hear their emails and, with the software reading out to them as they type, create letters and other documents with ease.

-The Asterisk development team has announced new releases of Asterisk and Zaptel: Asterisk 1.2.10 and Zaptel 1.2.7. These releases incorporate a number of bug fixes, and the Asterisk release contains a new option to help avoid a potential denial of service vulnerability in the IAX2 channel driver. The Zaptel release also adds support for the TE407P and TE412P quad T1/E1 interface cards. The release files are available in the usual place (, as both tarballs and patch files relative to the last release. In addition, both the tarballs and the patch files have been signed using GPG keys of the release maintainers, so that you can ensure their authenticity.

- The second-ever Africa developer roadshow, this time in West Africa, will be held in Ghana during August and organisers are looking for developers from across the region to attend. Workshops on the agenda include localisation and further development of the education-in-a-box project.