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An online shop for Information and Communication Technologies has been opened in Uganda by Comtel Integrators Africa, an ICT firm, to improve service delivery. This is the first of its kind in Uganda and they are the pioneers in the whole of East Africa. Vikash Kanapetradu, the Director of Comtel Integrators Africa announced this last week at a press conference.

"In Europe people use plastic money, we come up with a mid way where people can easily shop online, see the price and order for it," he said. Kanapetradu said goods could be received within 24 hours within Kampala and in two weeks in other places.

He said the shop targets all Ugandans since they want to design solutions that suit their business entities including banking, agriculture, and enterprises among others.

"We want partnerships with banks to provide them with solutions to their needs since we have the technical people," Kanapetradu added

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