Cell C has launched a mobile USB modem, thus setting its sights on the residential PC and dial-up market. According to the company, this means that consumers, particularly families, who do not have the need, or cannot afford the data speed of ADSL (currently constituting only 3% of local Internet users) but would like a value for money alternative to connect to the Internet, can now purchase Cell C’s new Edge/GPRS USB Modem.

  The USB modem boasts always-on connectivity, affordability and data speeds of around three times that of dial-up i.e. using a land-line connection, Cell C adds.

 Says Vanashree Pillay, executive head of corporate communications at Cell C: “This modem is suitable for the family user who uses the Internet frequently for online banking, research and correspondence with friends and family but does not require the intensive use that a business person would. “You simply insert a SIM card, plug the modem into your desktop, load the software and you are on your way,” Pillay adds.

  The USB modem is designed to utilise Cell C’s extensive Edge coverage and network, a technology which aims to provide data speeds of up to three times faster than dial-up. In areas where there is no Edge coverage, the modem will automatically revert to GPRS coverage, the company adds.

  The modem is accessible free of charge on Cell C’s 500MB (R350 per month) and 1 GIG data contracts (R499 per month). These contracts are available to all existing subscribers as well as to non-Cell C subscribers. For prepaid customers, the device is offered at a cost of approximately R1200 per modem, the company says.

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