Computer News - In Brief


- European I.T. manufacturer, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, has set its sights on 100 percent growth in Egypt this year, predicting sales to increase to US$12 million – roughly 10 percent of the total country market share.

- More than 200,000 computers have been sold in Algeria since the launch, last October, of Ousratic operation "a computer per household”, Post and ICT Minister Boudjemâa Haïchour declared on Monday here. On the sidelines of a seminar on “the broad band application of the mobile and fixed networks in the Arab countries,” the minister stressed that this operation will shortly live through “a rapid progress."

- The government in Zimbabwe has approved a draft document with proposals from industry on a new information communication and technology (ICT) policy formulation. Industry players said the policy and regulatory environment as championed by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) needs to be adjusted to promote the growth and development of the telecommunications industry and allow more private sector initiatives to stimulate growth.

- The National University of Rwanda has been provided with a digital library. A significant proportion of resources will be available in machine-read format like e-Books, e-materials and Course Syllabus, accessible by means of computers. The digital content may be locally held or accessed remotely via computer networks," Manickam explained.