Telecoms News - In Brief


- Kenya’s latest fixed wireless operator EM Communications is looking for 20-30,000 subscribers.

- The Senegalese subsidiary of Amitelo has signed a wholesale contract with " Sotelma, the Malian incumbent for international speech termination

- Telecom Egypt announced  that its consortium with Telecom Italia has been qualified by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) for the technical component of its bid for Egypt's third mobile license. The consortium is one of nine consortia that will now progress to the final round of considerations by submitting a financial proposal and going through a financial auction

- An interministerial Commission has been set up in Angola to lead the Satellite Telecommunication Project. Among its various tasks, the commission is expected to prepare the Satellite Telecommunication Project, appraise its technical, economic and financial feasibility, follow up its implementation and design its future management system, before submitting it to Cabinet Council for approval.

- Striking workers of the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) have resumed work nationwide following an agreement reached between the unions and the federal government: outstanding salaries for the months of February to April, 2006 will be paid and that other outstanding staff salaries and allowances will be paid immediately after the reconciliation of NITEL's debt.  NITEL's management should immediately pursue its debts owed by Private Telecommunications Operators (PTOs) and that failure by the debtors to settle their debts, their names would be published in national newspapers and also disconnected from the network.

- Zimbabwe TELONE lost over $61 billion to a syndicate of foreigners who allegedly diverted four telephone lines to their residential places and made local and international calls without paying. Between August 2005 and May this year, the men illegally diverted three Harare telephone lines. The matter came to light when TelOne officials discovered the heavy unpaid bill, prompting them to monitor the lines and found out that the bill was emanating from those numbers.

- Gilgil Telecoms Institute’s  (GTI) workers have been issued with letters informing them of termination of their services. The move follows the Kenyan Government's announcement that it was looking for strategic buyers of GTI. The Gilgil firm is a subsidiary of Telkom Kenya, and has been providing the corporation with telephone booths and posts, among other supplies, before financial problems began.