Gateway Communications has completed its $1.4m upgrade and expansion of its international long distance network. This enables Gateway to link mobile networks effectively across over 30 African countries and to connect with its European gateway network. Having completed the roll-out across its network, Gateway now has the largest and most advanced network in Africa.

Much of the packet switched solution has been provided by Veraz Networks. The technology enables Gateway to route calls with just one satellite “hop” and therefore save 50 per cent on each call. This cost saving can be passed on to African mobile network carriers, helping Gateway to keep African dollars within Africa. Quality of calls is also greatly improved as degradation arising from distance travel is halved.

Gateway Communications can now efficiently expand its global VoIP footprint in new markets by carrying traffic from any mobile networks, converting it locally to VoIP, transmitting it over satellite between mobile networks and all this being remotely managed by its Belgium and South African network management centre for global connectivity. With a next generation network in place, Gateway is able to use Next Generation Networking (NGN) architecture to deliver new services over a converged IP network.

Peter Gbedemah, CEO of Gateway Communications, commented on the network expansion “Gateway is now the largest and most advanced network in Africa, able to deliver significant cost savings to our customers through effective intelligent switching and compression technology. Gateway is the only provider to take full advantage of this powerful technology in Africa switching minutes in the sky, without backhauling calls through Europe, and better leveraging Africa’s legacy networks. This has been critical in facilitating rapid growth in mobile traffic across Africa. The savings on every call, allied to the vast increase in quality, make this technology indispensable to Gateway.”