Rwanda is set to become the headquarters of the 23-country US$280m Submarine Cable Project according to the outgoing Executive Director of Rwanda Information Technology Agency (RITA), Dr Shem Ochoudho.

Speaking on phone Friday, April 21, Ochoudho who was transferred to the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA), also disclosed that he was appointed Chairman of the six-nation Submarine Cable Project Working Committee.The six countries are: Botswana, Lesotho, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda.

"I was appointed Chairman during the last meeting of the twenty three member countries in Pretoria, South Africa, that was convened by the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD). I will chair the committee working on the submarine cable project on behalf of policy makers and regulators of the 23-member countries," Ochoudho said.

He observed that his appointment as Chairman of the Working Committee was a vote of confidence in the government of Rwanda's political will in transforming the country into an ICT hub.

"That is why Rwanda has been unanimously recommended to be the future headquarters of the company to manage the submarine cable (Undersea and Interland)," he said.

Ochoudho, who now becomes the Special Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Advisor to the Minister of State in charge of Communication, also disclosed that he is to swap responsibilities with Peter Fullaton.

"What happened is just a swap of responsibilities and I am ready and determined to execute my new responsibilities diligently and with devotion in order to promote the government's economic development goals in ICT," Ochoudho told The New Times.

He added that the submarine cable will stretch from Durban, South Africa to Djibouti, "with an optical cable along the Indian Ocean." According to Ochoudho, the project will be financed by telecommunications operators, the World Bank and African Development Bank.

The New Times