The ministry of Works, Housing and Communication has issued new telecommunication guidelines that bring a close to the duopoly of MTN Uganda and Uganda Telecom.

Under the new guidelines, other players in the telecom industry will be allowed to provide a wide range of products and services that have till recently been an exclusive right of MTN Uganda and Uganda Telecom.

The new guidelines also somewhat quell the debate, especially by players who did have the national operator license, that the Uganda Communications Commission opens the industry for equal participation by all interested parties.

INVEST MORE: Mr Nasasira

Mr John Nasasira, the Minister of Works, Housing and Communications said other players will, under the new guidelines, be free to apply for licenses to provide all telecommunication services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), call centers, trunk capacity resale, and establishment of International Data Gateway (IDG) among others.

"The existing national operators no longer have a monopoly in the areas mentioned," Nasasira said while launching the new telecommunication guidelines at the Ministry of Works head office in Kampala on May 11.

Nasasira advised mobile phone service providers to invest in more than just mobile phones because the current three telecommunications service operators in Uganda had achieved the initial objective of telecommunication in Uganda to a great extent.

Celtel Uganda is the third telecom services provider.

Nasasira said telecom players should invest in more Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services now that telephone calls can be made in most parts of the country.

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