Internet News - In Brief


-   Never a country to do things by halves, Nigeria will have IXPs in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kanu and Maidugu with a NOC in Abuja. ISPAN has negotiated capacity on the SAT3 cable duplex for under $3,000 per mbps per month. GISPA is negotiating its capacity prices down to $5,000.

- Vodacom DRC is selling GPRS. CongoKorea has only deployed fibre in down town Kinshasa and seems not to have implemented its more ambitious plans. The Congolese regulator is working on new laws and regulations.

- Uganda’s ISP Association is considering letting PTO’s with ISPs join the association.

- In Tanzania the local ISPA and the regulator are setting up a company jointly to manage the national domain. IXPs are to be set up in Arusha and Mwanza.

- MISPA is the latest ISP association to join AfrISPA. It is setting up an IXP that may be located in the College of Medicine, which has 4 VSATs throughout the country. The wider issuing of VSAT licences is hurting the ISP business as most corporates and NGOs have their own licences now.

- Kenya’s Safaricom is now charging a flat rate for its GPRS data service and an IXP is being opened in Mombasa.

- The Algerian ISP association has joined AfrISPA as a member.