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The Botswana government recently posted the laws of Botswana, including the Constitution of the Republic, on the internet. This is great news for anyone with a legal problem who is handy with a computer, or knows someone who can negotiate the web. All the laws can be found at online through the official Botswana Government website.

Everything is there: salaries for public servants, witchcraft, maintenance order enforcement, laws of inheritance for people subject to customary law. You name it; it's there. You can also check on the mandates for public corporations such as Air Botswana, BHC, Telecoms, WUC and BMC. There are 16 pages to the table of contents so you will need a bit of time and you will also need the Adobe Acrobat computer programme to read the files.

Of course the laws are not written in plain English, so you may still need to seek legal help after you have read the relevant material, but it seems likely many people will now be able to determine for themselves where they stand in the eyes of the law before deciding if it is worth employing a lawyer.

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