Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

 - Since 1st of May there is one additional digit to add to a phone number in Chad. From now on users have to dial 6 in front of an existing number starting by 2,3,4 and 7. These phone numbers belong to Celtel’s subscribers. With regards to phone numbers starting by 8 and 9 which are allocated to Millicom’s subscribers, users will need to dial 9 in front of the existing number.

- Orange Botswana has introduced the Ericsson Expander solution that will enable it to achieve a cell range of up to 109 kilometres radius per base station instead of the normal radius of 30 kilometres. Orange Botswana will spread its services to new and existing customers who were previously too remote for cost efficient coverage. The new solution will reduce the total cost of ownership of network at the same time provide much-needed and improved coverage throughout rural Botswana.

- Nigerian mobile operator Globacom has launched the Me2u package  which enables Glo subscribers to send airtime from available credit on their pre-paid account to other Glo pre-paid subscribers without necessarily buying a recharge card or sending a recharge PIN.

- Uganda’s three telephone providers: Celtel Uganda, MTN Uganda and uganda telecom have adjusted tariffs upwards to absorb the increased cost of doing business in the country. Ugandans will wake up to adjusted telephone rates following hikes in phone calling rates that have been occasioned by the increasing energy cost for the three telephone companies. Although the cost of recharge vouchers will not increase, the talk time available on these vouchers will reduce to absorb the adjustments.

- Scancom, operators of Areeba, has reaffirmed its target of upgrading its switching centers to cater for their over three million subscribers in Ghana by contracting a total investment of USD $70 million. The expansion programme, which is to be completed by October this year, is divided into two phases.