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MultiChoice Africa is piloting a project that allows watching digital satellite television (DStv) on a mobile phone.

Several hundreds of DStv subscribers are part of the closed user group that is testing the service, which runs on a technology called Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H).

MultiChoice Zambia public relations manager Kamiza Chikula said the technology is initially being piloted in South Africa and Nigeria, which have the latest Third Generation (3G) technology.

3G is new technology that is being incorporated into mobile devices across the globe. Users are now able to make person-to-person calls, download data and do a variety of other tasks such as video calling, e-mail, games, film, sport and music.

It is described as being a generic name for a set of mobile technologies which comprise a host of high-tech infrastructure networks, handsets, base stations, switches and other equipment. Chikula said Zambia does not yet have the 3G technology that would allow the technology but future developments would enable the country to have it.

In South Africa, the trial is being done in partnership with French mobile phone manufacturer, Sagem, and involves the broadcast of several DStv channels to a specially enabled mobile phone. A number of channels are on offer, from sport, entertainment and children's programmes.

The mobile phone works just like any other and takes an ordinary sim card, but it is fitted with a special receiver that picks up the DVB-H signal.

The DVB-H technology is different from what currently exists on the market as it operates on broadcast network, as opposed to cellular network.

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