Celtel Kenya joined the network upgrade race taking place across the continent with the announcement that it had put in place 3G. At a press conference to announce the change over, Celtel Kenya also announced it had made changes to its access codes, to conform with international standards.

Gerhard May, the company's chief executive officer said the network upgrade, was part of a Sh4 billion deal with Ericsson announced last December that "would enable us roll out an array of new products and services embracing the latest technology." The 3G network is able to support a wider range of functions on mobile phones. May said the advanced infrastructure would also enable the company roll out an enhanced range of multimedia services like broadband Internet and also support live video streaming.

Since Celtel’s competitor Safaricom has found growing data services a slow business, a degree of scepticism is probably in order when Celtel announces high-value multimedia services for the Kenyan market.

The East African Standard