Lagos is to host the third annual African VoIP Forum over 31 July – 3 August, with the theme "The developmental and business imperatives of IP telephony in Africa". The event is being hosted by AITEC Africa, in partnership with Nigerian ICT magazine, IT Edge.

Announcing the event, Sean Moroney, Group Chairman of AITEC, said: "The third African Forum on Internet telephony is a unique opportunity for telecommunication operators, ISPs and corporate users to learn more about this exciting new development in communications - 'Voice over Internet Protocol' or VoIP. By transmitting phone calls over the world-wide Internet infrastructure, costs are dramatically reduced - offering a major opportunity for Nigeria and its neighbours to introduce competitive phone charges."

The Forum is being held under the auspices of the Nigerian Communications Commission, which has taken a leadership position in the continent by developing a liberal regulatory regime for telecommunications, which has encouraged progressive implementation of evolving technologies, including VoIP systems.

Topics will firstly cover policy and strategy issues including:

· The evolution of VoIP from a niche technology to mainstream voice

· Voice & Broadband: Best practices

· Customer expectations vs reality: VoIP costs and quality in Africa

· Entering the VoIP Market: Self-development vs customized solutions

· The Challenges of deploying VoIP in Africa

· TDMoIP vs VoIP: Which is better for your network?

· VoIP as a Carrier Strategy

· VoIP over satellite