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Feedelix Wireless Inc last week announced the release of FeedelSMS, its first mobile software product for Ethiopic languages. Feedelix provides the first and only existing solution in the market to serve its millions of Ethiopic language users around the world.

Feedelix’s solution changes the landscape for Ethiopic script use for mobile and Internet communications and, due to its pioneering transmission protocols, will provide SMS and Mobile IM at a fraction of comparable current market prices. In addition, its technological solutions allow Feedelix to serve its customers anywhere, anytime, and across any platform.

FeedelSMS is an easily downloadable, self-contained, and interoperable application. The open architecture the developers envisioned allows users to download FeedelSMS on any handset across any system (GSM, CDMA) and across a multitude of wireless carriers around the world such as Cingular, Sprint, and others. The quick one-step download coupled with existing key board mapping gives the users the comfort to utilize the product right away.

“Our vision is to introduce the first and only Ethiopic SMS application that will serve the estimated 1.5 – 2.0 million Ethiopic script users around the world,” said Ted Kidane, COO, Feedelix Wireless. According to Kidane, the product validation process had demonstrated that users in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa can send a single or broadcast SMS/Mobile IM to other users anywhere in the world from their handset or desktop computer.

Kidane indicated that Feedelix is currently working on future products such as HindiFeedelSMS for the growing Indian market, and enFeedelSMS for users in the Americas and Europe. These products will be released in summer 2006.