Orange Cameroun has launched a new SIM card that can work with two separate numbers."With this innovation, one can have his or her professional phone number and their private number on the same SIM card," stated Orange Cameroon General Manager, Phillipe Luxcey. The two numbers in one SIM card option better known as Dualism gives the possibility for customers two own two accounts: one mandatory post-paid and the other prepaid joker.

Customers will no longer have to go around with two SIM cards and have the privilege to separate their professional line from their private line. It costs FCFA 5000 and a monthly subscription of FCFA 2000, they explained. Asked why Orange is not investing in permanent structures Luxcey said the priority was to give customers the best services.

He said Cameroon is one of the most expensive countries to cover with the telephony network because of its mountainous topography and forests. Luxcey said in other countries, to have the same network would be two times cheaper. He said it requires microwave links, V-sat or satellite base stations to cover the mountainous and forest areas, which is very expensive. The telephony executives disclosed that Orange has invested FCFA 182 billion in seven years in Cameroon.

As at today, they have 304 operational points in six years which is equal to 25 points every six months. The said they were envisaging an additional 120 new points in 2006. They, however, said Orange was currently investing in permanent structures while expanding its coverage. He disclosed that Ndu is now on the air, Fontem would be in the days ahead and then Eyumojock soon after that.

On the issue of call boxes he said, "Our goal is to satisfy our regular customers. We consider call boxes as rescue or emergency services for low-income earners who can't own a phone but want to communicate."

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