Forty six percent of Ugandans, in a survey by the Uganda Communications Commission last year, said they use the Internet on a daily basis.

The survey was carried out in the districts of Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Lira and Mbarara in October 2005 by random sampling on selected respondents through questionnaires. This is the first kind of survey done by UCC on Internet use in the country so far.

The findings of the survey show that 28 percent of the respondents use the Internet once a month, 11 percent never use it while 14 percent use it once a month.

"The implication of the findings is that there is need to raise awareness of the use and importance of Internet," the survey said.

Eighty percent of the respondents who use the Internet on a daily basis access it from Internet cafes while only 8 perent have home connections.

6.4 percent access the Internet from friends' places while 5.7 percent use hotspot connections. Most of those who use the Internet said they use it for research purposes and for communications (E-mails).

Up to 43 percent of users access the Internet through a dial-up technology, 35 percent use leased lines on copper and 22 percent use the wireless.

Mr Patrick Mwesigwa, the Technical Manager at UCC, said they want to reduce on the cost of Internet by introducing the East African marine cable, which will bring down prices.

He was speaking during a consultative workshop on the use of Internet industry in the country held at Fairway Hotel on March 24 in Kampala.

The Monitor