Internet News - In Brief


- Makerere University in Kampala is to scale down its bandwidth from the current 21 Mbps (Megabits per second) to 6 Mbps due to lack of funds. By December 2005, the debts had accumulated to over Shs630 millions ($ 350,000), until the main supplier (Uganda telecom) threatened to cut off supply thus a proposal by the Directorate of Information Communication Technology Support (DICTS) to have the bandwidth reduced. MTN is the other supplier.

- This summer the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is going to experiment with the use of international characters in domain names, ones that use diacritical marks, like Arabic and some Asian scripts. "The geographic extent of the Internet is constantly expanding, with a corresponding increase in its use by the diverse linguistic groups of the world," said ICANN, an independent, federal agency, in a statement. "Content reflecting this linguistic diversity has long been available online." The multilingual domain names will actually be stored inside of standard Internet characters - but will present images that show the Arabic scripts.