Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, the Secretary of State for Communication, Information and Technology (CIT), has provided justifications for granting licences to private operators to operate and compete in the international telecommunications environment.

Responding to a question posed to her by Hon Kebba EA Touray, National Assembly Member for IIIiassa Constituency on Wednesday at the National Assembly, SoS Macdouall-Gaye said that government decided to issue licences to two private operators in the telecommunications environment so as to promote operational efficiency and to meet capacity requirements to satisfy an increasing customer demand for low-cost services and better quality of services.

She said: "The decision should be taken in the context of both regional and global trends of allowing market forces to drive growth in the telecommunications industry. This has the positive effect of keeping pace with the rapid changes in technology and addresses the demands of now more sophisticated customers.

SoS Macdouall-Gaye affirmed that the issuance of licences to new operators is expected to bring dynamism and increase the revenue potential of Gamtel. "New operators would have to access the Gamtel network to terminate international services and incumbent operators, with well developed domestic networks, have also realized that competition in international telecommunications services have resulted in significant operational efficiency to manage costs for reinvestment. This change in policy is considered more sustainable than monopoly profits to develop national networks," she said.

The Daily Observer