Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Gamtel) seeks to deploy at least 290,000 Jamano lines all around the country. Gamtel recognises that the world is now a global village and that adequate affordable telecommunications services should be provided for every citizen of The Gambia. The pilot project of the Jamano lines consisted of 10,000 lines deployed in the Greater Banjul Area, Soma area of the Lower River Division and Basse area of the Upper River Division.

- Reltel Wireless, a Nigerian private telecom operator (PTOs) has commenced a network roll out across the country. It has already commenced operation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja and Aba, Abia State and would soon spread to other parts of the country. Reltel has already footprints in the East, in Onitsha, in Port Harcourt and will move to Owerri, Enugu, Awka to cover that area. In the West, the telecom operator is in Lagos and will move to Ibadan, Abeokuta, Akure and then Benin City, among others. Hauwei, a Chinese technology provider has been supporting the company in this new phase of expansion as Reltel intends to be a major player in the unified licencing regime that was recently introduced in the telecom sector.

- Egypt's cellular subscriber base grew to a record 12.6 million subscribers by end of 2005, with revenues nearing US$ 1.9 billion. Despite this massive subscriber growth, Egypt's cellular market is far from saturation with a penetration rate of 17.6% by December 31, 2005. MobiNil leads in number of subscribers while Vodafone Egypt leads in generated revenues.

- Mobile networks were down for most of last week in the Chadian capital of Ndjamena as the capital was attacked by rebels.

- In Burkina-Faso, Telmob, the mobile arm of the national incumbent ONATEL has announced that it has expanded its network to the region of Sissili. This service rollout is part of Telmob plan to cover the whole country.